Industry Motor Cyclopaedia 1908

International Motor Cyclopaedia

Sport, Industry and Trade Year Book - March 1908 to March 1909

Dorris Co of New Jersey - 21 Clinton St. Newark, NJ

Dorris, D. R. - Sec., Treas. and Sales Mgr. Nashville Motor Car Co., Church and 9th Sts., Nashville, Tenn.

Dorris, Duncan A. - 155 Spruce St., Nashville, Tenn. Garage.

Dorris, G. P. - Designer, Supt. and Vice-Pres. Dorris Motor Car Co. 22-38 S Sarah St, St. Louis Mo.

Dorris Motor Car Co - 22-38 S Sarah St., St. Louis, Mo. Maker of the Dorris car, first marketing Dec 1, 1906. Two models made since. Cap. $55,000. H.B. Krenning, Pres., Gen. Mgr. and Purch. Agt.; G. P. Dorris, Vice-Pres., Designer and Supt.; Web. Colbun, Sec.; John T. Rumble, Sales Mgr. Agents and dealers: H.H. Holland, Fresno, Cal Capt. C.A. Lundy, 320 S. Virginia St., Reno, Nev. Nashville Motor Car Co., Nashville, Tenn. South Broad Auto Co., 729 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA. A.C. Stewart. 10th and Santee Sts., Los Angles, Cal. Webb, Taylor & Perry. Austin Tex. Geo. L. Clayton. Oakland Cal.

Dorris Motor Car Co - 729 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA (Dorris.)