1913 Dorris H Touring SN 5220

Model: H Touring
Condition: Unrestored

From Andy Dorris:
"The damn thing is huge. Photos don't do it justice. Russ has other old cars and lets George and G.P. drive it in tours. The engine is just now undergoing its first overhaul. G.P. told me he started it once by hitting the mag switch, the charge left in the cylinder next in line for a spark from the mag was enough to get it going. You may notice the seats are worn. They are 99 years old."

This video was taken at the HCCA National Tour in Mt. Dora, FL Feb 20-26, 2011

His caption:

From: raconter1 | Mar 24, 2011
My guess is this car may be a 1906 model. [Incorrect it's a 1913] The Dorris car was a premium car made in St. Louis, Missouri up until 1926. Note the 4 cylinder engine, overhead valves. Later it would have a 6 cylinder engine! We are indeed privileged here to see one…alive and running!